2017 Sunday Dinghy Racing Series

Starting something new and different can be seen as revolutionary and dangerous but it can also be viewed as a positive development of the club’s activities.

Several years ago the club trialled Sunday racing around high tides with mixed success. It was a marmite situation, and though it definitely appealed to many of those who took part, the initiative was dropped with a, ‘Well we tried it, but it didn’t really work,’ judgment.

From April 9 the club is expanding on those first steps with one giant leap forward with the first Sunday Dinghy Racing series. The intention is to offer low-key, short, sharp all-in handicap races around high tide on convenient Sundays during the year. After checking the tides and other events, this equates to 18 Sundays with 36 races. These will be split into six mini-series of six races (three Sundays) each. Each mini-series will be sponsored with a prizegiving on the final Sunday, with all races counting towards an end-of-season Sunday series champion.

Date Sponsor Start Time (provis) High Tide Series
April 9 Series 1: Synergy Marine 10.30 12.10  
April 23 Series 1: Synergy Marine 9.30 11.00 + Prizegiving
May 7 Series 1: Synergy Marine 9.30 11.00  
May 14 Series 2: 12.30 14.00  
May 21 Series 2: 8.00 08.30  
May 28 Series 2: 12.30 14.00 + Prizegiving
June 4 Series 3: 8.00 9.00  
June 11 Series 3: 13.00 14.14  
June 25 Series 3: 12.30 14.00 + Prizegiving
July 9 Series 4: 12.30 13.45  
July 23 Series 4: 11.30 13.00  
July 30 Series 4: 17.00 18.18 + Prizegiving
August 6 Series 5: 11.00 12.40  
August 13 Series 5: 16.00 17.38  
August 27 Series 5: 15.30 17.00 + Prizegiving
September 3 Series 6: 10.00 11.30  
September 17 Series 6: 9.30 10.44  
September 24 Series 6: 14.30 16.00 + Prizegiving

The races will be around 35-40 minutes each with a tight turnaround. Eligible boats will initially be limited within certain handicap numbers so that all boats finish within a tight window and the racing can be turned around very quickly. It is envisaged that courses will be windward-leeward or P-courses, or sometimes round the island if the conditions are suitable.

Racing will start on April 9 and run through to September 24. One of the provisos for taking part is that you have to do one of the duties. The whole concept relies on those taking part also taking a hand in managing the racing.

There is no intention to compete with the traditional Saturday racing but it will be an added extra for those who want to do more racing at the club, or for various reasons simply can’t sail as much as they’d like to on a Saturday.

Because of the short format, there will be lots of opportunities to take part, to win a prize and, of course, enjoy racing on a great stretch of water when the River Deben is at its best. So there will be some early starts, some late starts and a perhaps a couple of after race social events thrown in for good measure.

Vice Commodore, Ian Video commented on the initiative, “Like many sailing clubs, we are keen to encourage participation in our activities and need to continually explore what will motivate people to come out sailing.”

“The Sunday racing series is to be welcomed – it is intended to give people who would like to sail on a Sunday the opportunity to do so. Moreover, by aiming to be self-managed, it shouldn’t place any extra burden on our volunteers and doesn’t dilute our Saturday programme. Thank you to Simon, Robert and colleagues for taking the initiative. The flag officers and sailing committee wish the programme every success.”

Sunday sailing at Waldringfield may not exactly be revolutionary, but we hope it will cause a revolution and a rejuvenation for some sailors as the club finds ways to meet the needs of all its members. We very much hope you will support this initiative, and we hope to see you on the racecourse on a Sunday very soon.

We have a Notice of Race published, and a Facebook page.

Whenever possible, any schedule changes, pre-planned cancellations due to weather or lack of volunteers will be posted on the Facebook page as soon as possible, but at the latest by 19.00 on the day before the racing is scheduled to take place.

Further information
For further information please contact:
Simon Cox/Robert Deaves
Telephone: 07769 700462
Email: simon@synergymarine.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/WSCSundayRacing

See the Notice of Race here