WSC Online Membership System

WSC Online Membership System

The WSC Online Membership System is now LIVE. Click HERE to access the system.

For security, each member will log-in with a unique user-name and password. You will receive an email asking you to set your initial password.

Members will be able to view and edit the following information;

  • Personal profile/contact information
  • Interests (classes etc.)
  • Sailing qualifications
  • Volunteer duty preferences
  • Volunteer duty availability

In addition, the “primary” user in each family (he/she who pays the bills!) will be able to view and edit;

  • Account information (charges, invoices and payments)
  • Boat details
  • Membership details

You cannot currently pay membership fees  online, but we hope that this will become a feature in the future.

You will shortly receive an email inviting you to log-in for the first time to set a password. Please read the email carefully and follow the instructions. This password will be known only to yourself, so please keep it safe. If you forget your password and require a reset, please email the membership secretary (

Please take a few minutes to setup your password and familiarise yourself with the menu options (click on the “Menu” button  top right).

Why are we doing this​?

Having up-to-date member information allows us to manage the club more effectively. We really hope that members will check and update their details at least twice a year;

  •  In November. Please check all your contact, member, and boat details. This will help us to ensure that the renewal notices and invoices are correct when we generate them in December.
  • In January. Please check and update all you volunteer duty preferences and availability, This will feed into the duty planning work which is done in February and will help us to assign you to volunteer duties that are best suited.

Bob Whitehouse – 20/10/2014