Changes to the Cliff-top Dinghy Park

As a continuation of our efforts to make best use of our car-park we have made a slight change to our cliff-top dinghy park, which is now a little larger.

By sacrificing a small number of car parking spaces we expect to free up considerably more car spaces along the Northern boundary and keep this stretch free from boats.

The enlarged dinghy park will now have 3 rows of boats rather than 2, but with less generous gangways.



Please think about where you park your boat

To make this new layout work, please would any boats larger than a Laser or Lark find a spot against the Northern edge of the dinghy park or the new row along the edge of the car-park, and Lasers or smaller boats please find a space in the remaining area where space is at more of a premium.

We may have to refine this layout when we see how it works in practice, but hopefully the overall effect will be positive for sailors and car drivers alike.


And of course, please don’t park your boat to the West of the entrance barrier unless there is absolutely no alternative.


A huge thank you is due to Mike Oldroyd and the rest of the BOBS team for undertaking the work to move the old barrier and install a new one – using re-cycled materials.