Club Boats

How to book the club boats


Did you know that Waldringfield Sailing Club now owns several boats which are available for members to borrow? You may want to take out friends or family for a cruise or try racing in a different class. The list is below. These boats will be available from mid-April and will be used for Social Sailing and for Junior sailing on the dates when this is scheduled.

There is a small charge to help towards the upkeep and maintenance, and each class has an appointed contact who will be pleased to speak to you and help you make a booking and give you the necessary information. We work on a system of trust and rely on you to let the appropriate person know immediately by email or text if there is anything wrong with the boat, and needs repairing.
Hire of club boats should be paid on-line, within 7 days after the hiring, to
Waldringfield Sailing Club – Club a/c
a/c 00121506
with a follow-up email to stating what boat the money is for. It is the responsibility of the hirer to make sure this is done, and there will be no reminders. Please note that anyone hiring club boats is responsible for the first £50 of any damage caused.

For casual sailing:


We have three Wayfarers used mainly for training purposes, which are available for members to use at other times when the club is open.

For more details read Using the Club Wayfarers

We also have a new Hartley 15, which we hope will be the ideal training boat. It is lighter than a wayfarer, with stripey sails, a higher boom, and an asymmetric. Because rigging it is very different from standard boats, you will need to be shown how to do it before you are let loose.

Contact Oriel Laws or text 07932 405541.
Charge £10 per day (no charge during social sailing sessions)


We own one Mirror dinghy, and have a second on loan during the summer. They are suitable for family sailing as well as racing.

For more details read Using the Club Mirror

Contact Darrel Atkinson on 07966 237812 or email
Charge £5 per day

For racing, training and trying!


The Club has two competitive, relatively new and well equipped Lasers with a choice of 4.7,
Radial and Full rigs. For more details read Using the Clubs Lasers

Contact Toby Tracey bookings M: 07801 494822 E:

Charge : £10 per day or £5 for Wednesday evening


We now have a new club Lark in top condition. A great way to try racing in one of our
faster dinghy classes.
Contact Aaron Woolf or 07850 233445
Charge : £10 per day (or £5 for Wednesday evening)


Did you know? – WSC owns 2 x Club Cadets:  GBR9161 “White Lightning” and GBR9574 “Space Cadet”

The boats are kept in the dinghy park and can be used by club members for training, racing or cruising. There is a nominal charge of £5 per day for using the Club Cadets to contribute towards the upkeep of the boats.  “Space Cadet” can be chartered for an entire series (e.g. Spring, Summer, Autumn or Freezer) at a cost of £50 per series.

If anyone would like to book either of these Cadets, please contact the Juliet Redding on 07900 816925 or by email at: