Introduction To Dutyman

An introduction to DutyMan

Harry Pynn



Contrary to popular belief, DutyMan is not actually a man. DutyMan is a website that we’ve been using for a number of years to organise race management duties (Race Officer, Assistant Race Officer and Course Setter) at the sailing club. This year we’ve extended DutyMan to cover the safety boat helper duties as well. Here’s an explanation of what DutyMan is and how to use it.

Logging in

When you were first allocated a duty on DutyMan, the system sends you an email with the subject “DutyMan Login for <Your Name>”. This email contains your username which is usually in the form “<firstname> <lastname>” and your password. Once logged in, update your password to something more memorable using the Password link at the top of the page.

Notifications and reminders

When duties are allocated at the start of the season, you will be sent a notification by email from Dutyman. If you then find that you cannot make your allocated duty you can arrange a swap using Dutyman.

You will be sent reminders by email 5 days before and 1 day before your duty. Please confirm that you can do a duty by clicking the link in the reminder email. For those doing a race management duty the reminder email includes a link to the Race Management Documents. Please make sure you are familiar with the instructions under the Saturday Club Racing and Wednesday Evening Racing folders.

Swapping duties

It is usually a good idea to try to arrange a swap well in advance of your duty because people make plans and are less likely to be available to swap in the week before. To request a swap login to DutyMan, select the Duty Swap tab from the right hand side.

Select the duty you would like to swap and follow the steps on the site to request swaps. Note that you will only be able to swap with duties of the same type, so Race officers will only be able to swap with other Race officer duties for example.

People who you request to swap with will receive an email asking if they are willing to swap their duty. If they confirm then your duties will be swapped. They will now get the reminders for the date that was previously your duty and you will get the reminders for the date that was previously their duty.

This is the preferred way to swap a duty.

If you arrange to swap a duty another way, it is requested that you make the swap in DutyMan to make it official using the process just described rather than add further burden on the DutyMan administrator.

In extreme cases you may need to swap at the last minute and be unable to find anyone willing to swap. In these circumstances it is still your responsibility to ensure that the duty is fulfilled, so you may need to try to find friends in the club who will stand in for you.

Change of email address

Please note that the email address in DutyMan is updated separately from the Sailing Club’s database. If you change your email address you need to both let the membership secretary know and update DutyMan.

New members

Members who join after duties were initially allocated may be asked to stand in for a duty later in the year.

Further questions

There are answers to lots of the questions you may have on the How Do I… section on the DutyMan site.