Members’ Satisfaction Survey 2018

What do you like about the Club?

What could we improve?

Coming in June… the RYA survey for Waldringfield members to tell the Club their views

The Officers and Committee have decided the Club will participate in this, the RYA Club Members’ Satisfaction Survey for 2018, because they want to understand how the wider membership feels the Club is working for you. Hopefully we can then do more of what you like and improve what you don’t like.

It will be easy to take part: the survey is on the web, with the link sent via email. You should expect an email on 1st June when the survey goes live. The questions ask about a range of topics because we want to get a full understanding of how members feel. We would like the survey completed by the end of June.

We would really appreciate it if as many members as feel comfortable with doing so will take part in the survey and we hope that you will feel that you can be honest. We would like the survey completed by the end of June. The more feedback we get, the easier it will be for us to understand how members feel.

Each member over the age of 17 for whom we hold an email address should receive a unique link to the survey. If there are other members of the family (over 17) who would like to respond, then we can arrange for them to receive their own link too. Just email to request this, giving the email address to send the survey to. The lower age limit is set by the RYA because they would otherwise need to obtain parental consent to contact these members.

The survey will be handled by TLF, an agency that specialises in this type of work. This means the survey is independent, feedback is dealt with impartially and your anonymity is assured.

All data will be treated according to relevant rules and regulations by the club, the RYA and TLF. The RYA and TLF can and will only we used member and former member email addresses for the purposes of this survey. The email addresses provided by the club are held securely and will be destroyed once the survey results have been analysed. As well as this, all responses will be treated as anonymous. No information is provide to the club or RYA that can identify individuals.

In the light of the GDPR, we have carried out a “legitimate interests assessment” and concluded that there is a legitimate interest in sharing members’ email addresses for the purpose of carrying out this survey.  No other personal information is being provided.

The survey is fully funded by the RYA and the email you receive will explain this. It is offered to all affiliated clubs in the UK as a benefit of the club’s affiliation to the RYA. No additional payment is made by the club towards the cost of the survey or the results.

Once the survey is completed, then the General and Sailing Committees and officers of the club will take time to read and digest the results. We will think about what we need to do to meet your needs and whether any changes might be appropriate. The survey will help us plan ahead. It may give us new ideas too. We will also undertake to share the findings with the membership, so that everyone can see what has come out of the survey and what the club may need to consider putting in place as a result.