OK Class

Waldringfield Sailing Club was one of the first clubs in the UK to adopt the OK Dinghy after it was designed by the Dane, Knud Olsen, in 1957. There used to be fleets at all the major east Coast clubs, but now only Waldringfield remains. However the class is on a resurgence, both in the UK and worldwide. Waldringfield also benefits from having a local boatbuilder in Synergy Marine.

The long heritage of the OK Dinghy at Waldringfield includes numerous National Champions, the most recent being Class Captain, Robert Deaves, in 2013. With a relatively low draft the OK is the ideal boat for sailing at Waldringfield – great at short-tacking up the shore and lightweight for pulling up the ramp. The modern International OK is also a highly refined racing dinghy that allows you to develop your boat and rig to suit your body weight and sailing style.

The class boasts one of the most competitive International fleets outside of Olympic sailing. Turnouts in recent years have been growing, with 41 entries at the 2014 Nationals and often over 100 boats internationally. While it’s easy to concentrate on the front of the fleet the class has sailors of all abilities ensuring that racing is always close.

Anyone wishing to try an International OK at the club should contact class captain, Robert Deaves, to arrange a test sail.