Sailing Photos

Photo Sharing

We are trialling the use of Google Photos to share Alexis’s ( and other photographers) sailing photos.

The photos shared here are made available for personal use, but please respect the contributor’s copyright and acknowledge the photographer if any of the photos are shared or published more widely.

Saturday 30th September Club Racing   © Alexis Smith.

Sunday 10th September – Cartoon day 2   © Alexis Smith.

Saturday 9th September – Cartoon day 1   © Alexis Smith.

Saturday 19th August Club Racing  © Alexis Smith.

Saturday 19th August  – Cadet Week (Cadets & Lasers)  © Alexis Smith.

Regatta 2017

© Alexis Smith

5th July 2017 (Wed Evening) with a full house of Dragonflys © Alexis Smith.

10th June 2017 (Laser open meeting plus afternoon club points race) © Alexis Smith.

24th & 25th June 2017 ( Cadet Open Meeting) © Alexis Smith.