Talk 2nd May – Titanic, from Triumph to Tragedy

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Titanic, from

Triumph to Tragedy

-how a splendid ship was sunk by the

Obstinacy and Perversity of Man.

Talk by Maritime Historian, Graham Anthony 

Titanic was a Triumph of American Finance and British Ship Building. The Designers in Belfast used the latest Design Features and the Materials used were the best available in Britain at the time. Nonetheless there still exist lurid and inaccurate stories of failings by the Engineers and the use of sub-standard materials. Graham Anthony explains the background to many of these issues. He then shows how the Design features of Titanic and her two Sister Ships prove what splendid Technical Triumphs they were.


Titanic did not hit that Iceberg by her own accord but by the failings of her Captain and Officers. The tragic loss of life was because Regulations permitted 16 lifeboats to be taken off Titanic the day before she left Southampton. These human failings were the reasons that Titanic has become the World’s most famous Maritime Tragedy.

Graham Anthony’s maritime lectures entertain, challenge, and amuse. They are lavishly illustrated, and accompanied with music. Sailing and the Sea have been a life-long passion. Graham has a fascination for how individual events fit into the continuum of history, and describes himself as a story-teller. He lectures extensively on the Cruise Ships, and lives in Cambridge with his wife Thelma.