Cruising Calendar 2017

The cruising calendar is primarily ad-hoc (when we know for sure that we can rely on some good weather) so if you are planning a trip and would like to sail in company, please contact your fellow Yacht Class members and invite them to join you.

Volunteers are needed to help organise the planned events, aspirations for this season so far include:

Lowestoft & Southwold (Neil Cawthorn is leading)

  • Saturday 27th May – Timed Passage from Woodbridge Haven to Lowestoft – Dinner at Royal Norfolk & Suffolk Yacht Club
  • Sunday 28th May – Timed Passage from Lowestoft to Southwold – Supper at Southwold Sailing Club
  • Monday 29th May – Timed Passage from Southwold to Woodbridge Haven

Mid June – Cruise to Holland or Northern France (cruise lead required, please contact Bill Hughes)

Mid August –Brightlingsea &/or West Mersea (cruise lead required, please contact Bill Hughes)

Kiddie friendly Rally & BBQ (date to be confirmed – Jon Bloor will lead)

London and the Proms – (dates to be confirmed – Kevin Gosling will lead)

Twilight Cruise to Titchmarsh – (dates to be confirmed – Catherine Hughes will lead)