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e-Easter Egg; Monday 13th April

We will be holding an “e-Easter Egg” Open Meeting on Monday 13th April.

All members are very welcome to participate in what should be an enjoyable and social experience. Don’t worry if you think e-Sailing isn’t for you, give it a go and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Are you new to Virtual Regatta?

You can read our guide to joining a private race here. Follow this guide to register before you enter below.


Entries must be received using the form below by 9pm, Saturday 11th April, so that we can allocate people to a heat (assuming we have more than 20 entrants)

Entrants will be notified of the start time for their heat by email on Sunday. Each heat will comprise 4 races with 1 discard.

The first heat will start at 2pm, Monday 13th April. Others will follow. The race will be activated at least 10 minutes before the race starts.

The leading competitors will be invited to race in the grand final, starting at 7:30 pm (to be confirmed)

Entry Form

There is a limit of 20 participants in any race, so we expect that we will need to run a number of heats. In order to be able to allocate you into your heat, entries will CLOSE at 9pm on Saturday 11th April.

Entrants must have registered with Virtual Regatta, and provide their Virtual Regatta alias, so that we can score you correctly.

We will endeavour to advise participants of their heat’s start time and joining code by the evening of Sunday 12th April.