e-Sailing. Getting started

How to get started

Below are the steps to take (if you are using a PC) – there are mobile app options for your phone or tablet if you prefer. First though, watch this video to get a good feel for how it all works.

Then it is probably a good idea to at least go through steps 1 – 3 before your first actual race.

Step 1

Go to the Virtual Regatta site https://www.virtualregatta.com/en/ and choose Virtual Regatta – Inshore

Step 2

Create an account (if you don’t have one) or enter as a guest

Step 3

After setting up an account, or choosing to enter as a guest, then you will be taken through a tutorial in the form of a few exercises. Some are more intuitive than others!

Continue with these steps prior to a scheduled custom race

Step 4

Now, to join a Waldringfield private race, you need to choose custom race.

Step 5

Ignore the pop up window in the foreground and click on the “Join” tab behind it.

Step 6

Click on the green button with the padlock

Step 7

Enter the race code (that we will share on this page prior to the race) and you will be launched into the race area. Try to make a mental note of the course, and stay alert as the countdown is just 75 seconds!