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e-Team Racing

We have been exploring the potential for Virtual Regatta to support a different form of racing – Team Racing. After evaluating a few options we have settled on a format and choice of boat that we believe will offer good racing.

Now, we would like to invite teams of three to take part in a trial event. The specific format (league or knock-out) or even whether we aim to complete this on one day or over a number of days will depend on the number of teams that wish to take part.

The plan is to run the first set of races on Sunday May 17th, and either complete on that day or perhaps carry forward races to another day.

Entries should be made by completing the form below by 8pm on Wednesday May 13th, to give us the opportunity to plan ahead. Please try to enter as a full team, but if for some reason you cannot make up a “three”, then let Aaron Woolf know (preferably via the WhatsApp group) and we will do what we can to include you.

Entry Form (deadline Wed 13th May, 8pm)

About Team Racing

In team racing, a team of 3 boats race against another team. The team with the lowest combined score is the winner. A boat scores points equal to their finishing position, so the winner scores 1 point, then next 2 points and so on.

In practice this means that the team that finishes with 10 points or fewer is the winner.