Junior Sailing Club

Junior Sailing Club in 2020

JSC is for children in school year 3 and above. WSC’s objective for running JSC is to attract new juniors to the Club who in time will go on to become members and sail competitively in one of the junior fleets. JSC isn’t a sailing school and – although the children will learn from spending time on the water with other more experienced juniors and adults – they won’t receive formal tuition or qualifications.

What are we aiming to achieve?

Our aspiration is;

  • Children get to experience sailing and gain confidence at their own pace.
  • Parents also discover the enjoyment of sailing and become supportive of their children.
  • The children move on to join and become established members of our mainstream junior fleet(s).
  • The drop out rate is minimised by reducing exposure to negative experiences (e.g. feeling cold, frightened, intimidated or bored) before the child can cope.

So the role of the Junior Sailing is;

To nurture children and their families into a love of sailing at Waldringfield, and prepare them to become sufficiently confident, capable and emotionally prepared to want to move on to join the junior class(es) (or discover that sailing is not for them)

We have lots going in 2020, please contact wsc.juniorsailing@gmail.com to find out about joining us.