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Seamark Nunn Club Points – Update

The Seamark Nunn Club Points scheme was set up early in 2014 in order to reward Waldringfield Sailing Club whenever one of our members makes a purchase from Seamark Nunn.

Now that the scheme has been running for the best part of a year, we have elected to redeem the points that you have accrued on something we hope you will agree is worthwhile.

We have allocated this year’s points total to support out Training School and all the hard work they do to provide an extra dimension to our club.

The £267 earned has been put towards the purchase of badly needed six buoyancy aids for use on training courses.

Remember to claim your club points

As we hope you are already aware, Seamark Nunn are rewarding our club whenever a member purchases goods or services from their chandlery.

With Christmas and the winter maintenance season approaching fast, all you need to do is let the person serving you know that you are a member of Waldringfield SC.
Thank you

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