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Updates from the General Committee #2 – June 2019

Update #2 – 25th June 2019


This briefing is the second of our quarterly updates on topics that have been on the agenda of the General Committee.

The General Committee meets monthly and has the following members for 2019;

Graham Mills (President)
Ian Videlo (Commodore)
(Vice Commodore – vacant)
(Rear Commodore – vacant)
Roger Challis (Treasurer)
Cathy Fish (Membership Secretary)
Jane Spark (Hon Secretary)
Jamie Whittle (Cadet Squadron Leader)
Peter Mills (Club Captain)
Jon Penn (Vice Club Captain)

Dan Ager, 
Steve Carter, 
Fiona Gray, 
Geoff Harris, 
Martin Hawkes, 
Roger May, 
David Merritt, 
Rani Pert, 
Clive Quantrill, 
Julian Renselar
Anne Spalding
Geoff Mayhew – Co-opted in June

In this quarter we have found ourselves in an unprecedented situation of having two of our Flag Officers independently decide that for their own reasons they would like to stand down from their roles.

Kim and Alan have both played a very full role in the running of this club over recent years and will be sadly missed, but will both continue to support us while we search for successors. We all own them both a great deal of thanks for all of their hard work on our behalf.

Peter Mills is kindly helping to fill any gaps left by the above departures in addition to his role as Club Captain, so we don’t expect any further changes to be necessary until a new set of officers are elected at the next AGM.

Catherine Hughes who joined the committee this year has also stood down.

River Wall
The retaining wall for the footpath outside the beach-huts to the south of the clubhouse had a short length where the top of the wall was bowing out. The worst section has recently been stabilised, but we will still need to carry out more work in the same vicinity before too long. Thank you to Martin Hawkes for taking the lead on getting this work done.

Rear Bank
For well over a year we have been concerned with the state of the wooden section of the wall that retains the steep bank to the west of the clubhouse. We are aware that our neighbouring land owner is reluctant to enable this work to be undertaken from her land (i.e. the pathway running behind the clubhouse). Alan Hall has been in discussion with her advisor and commissioned their recommended engineering company (J.P.Chick) to give a fresh view on how this work may be undertaken with minimal impact on the land behind. We have now received that report and shared it with our own expert civil engineers for their opinions. We now hope to be able to firm up our options within the next few months.

Galley 2019
We have had a great deal of positive feedback about the Galley this season. A big thank you to Heidi and Danielle as well as all our Galley volunteers for all their hard work.

RYA Training School
Derek Jacobs has agreed to become the new principal of the Training School. For this year we will only be running a few powerboat courses. Because of the break between Kay standing down and Derek taking over, our RYA certification has been suspended, but Derek and Louise Brearey have been working hard to get the suspension lifted, which we have now heard has been achieved. Thank you both.

New Barbecue
A new barbecue has now been built thanks to a generous legacy left by Tony & Margaret Howard which is available for members and classes to use. A few minor adjustments may be necessary as the barbecue is bedded in, but it should be a great asset for the future.

Clubhouse Improvements
As well as the barbecue, the committee have been considering whether there are some areas within the clubhouse that could benefit from short-term improvements. This is mindful that once the work on the rear-wall has been scoped then we would like to re-visit the work carried out by Charles Curry-Hyde and consider longer-term improvements.

You will have noticed a sample table and chair have been purchased for evaluation, with feedback ranging from highly enthusiastic through to the negative.

There is also a proposal to look at how the layout and storage behind the bar might be improved. The Committee have given the go ahead to progress this. In the first instance the sink is being relocated into the store room, and provision for a drinking water tap being added. Any subsequent changes will be made step-by-step once the impact of earlier changes are assessed.

Some other areas being floated for consideration include the following. If you have any thoughts on these or other priorities, please share them with a committee member (listed above):

  • Would it be beneficial to remove the wall between the patio area and the river wall footpath to remove a barrier and make better use of the space?
  • Can we think of a better way to provide a doorway between the main club room and the lobby area that might help make better use of this space? – for example to move the doorway into the lobby, have a wider doorway etc.
  • Should we replace the rubber tiles on the balcony with a solution that doesn’t buckle up when exposed to the heat of the sun.

Meanwhile, a small team will be considering whether there are some opportunities to make the club room brighter and more welcoming without incurring too much cost. Jane Spark has volunteered to lead this exercise, with a view to identifying some potential quick wins by the end of the season.

Laying Up Supper
Plans for the laying up supper at Fynn Valley Golf Club on Friday 22nd November have been finalised, with a menu and entertainment now sorted. Thank you to Rani Pert for leading on this. More details on how to book your place will be available shortly, or in the meantime you can buy tickets from Jane.