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Crew and Helm Finder

Welcome to helm and crew finder. This is a service that is aiming to get as many boats as possible out on the water by matching up helms and crews who are looking for somebody to sail with. It is envisaged that this will mainly be matching people up on a weekly basis but we will also make it known if any helm or crew are looking for a longer-term sailing partner.

How it works

If any helm or crew is looking for somebody to sail with normally but not necessarily on the next weekend then they should email the club using the email address with their name, email address and/or phone number.  They should also indicate what class of boat they are interested in crewing or are helming. It would also be helpful to indicate the level of experience you have. This should be done no later that 18:00hrs on the Wednesday prior to the Saturday you wish to sail.

Information you need to provide no later than 18:00hrs on a Wednesday is:

  • The date(s) you are looking to sail
  • Contact details, either your email address and/or phone number
  • Helms to state what boat they are sailing
  • Crews to state what class of boat they are interested in crewing
  • Crews to indicate if they have previous crewing/racing experience.

This information will then be pulled together and sent out with the club weekly update email. Helms and crews will then be able to see who is available to sail together with their contact details. Please note – if you wish to use this service you are consenting to your contact details going out to club members via the weekly update. 

Junior Sailors 

Unfortunately this service will not be available to junior sailors; however, with their parent’s consent they can use the weekly listing that comes out and contact helms if they are interested in trying out sailing in another class.

If anybody needs more information please contact Mark Johnston on the Helm and Crew finder email address.