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Starting Countdown Timer

Starting Sequence Countdown Timer

The Waldringfield Countdown Timer is a simple web-based application that enables a Race Officer and team to keep track of the start sequence without needing to use the start time planner sheets.  This is especially useful if you want to go into sequence quickly – all you need to do is set a time for the first start and the application will keep you notified of when your next action is due, and what the action is.

You can run this on your phone, and it works well when the phone is slotted into the clock holder on the rear of Boadicea’s cabin.  The counter is visible from the back of the cockpit, and the timekeeper can read the detail and relay that information to the team.

The tool is currently only programmed to support our regular Saturday starting sequence, though for special events it can be tailored to reflect a different sequence.

How do I get this “app” on my phone?

The “app” is simply a web page.  There is nothing to install.  Simply visit the following address;

How does it work?

Set the time for the first start

When you have a time for the first start in the sequence, you can enter this by opening up the “First Start” drop-down.

Set the time as appropriate. In this example we are aiming for a 15:15 start.

(The exact method for entering a time will vary from one type of phone to another).

If you need to re-schedule, then simply set a new time and the counter will automatically re-set itself.

Keep your eye on the timer!

As you go into sequence, one member of the team should take the role of time-keeper.

Keep an eye on the count-down timer.  This tells you how long there is until the next action, which is shown at the top of the list.

When you have less than one minute to go, then the action becomes highlighted in yellow.

Once the action is passed, then that disappears from the list and then next action reaches the top.


Thanks are due to Harry Pynn for creating this tool for us.