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Club Dinghies and Kayaks

Please note that these boats and kayaks are for the use of Waldringfield Sailing Club members only – details below

Waldringfield Sailing Club owns several boats which are available for members to borrow. You may want to take out friends or family for a cruise or try racing in a different class. The list is below. These boats will be available from mid-April and will be used for Social Sailing and for Junior sailing on the dates when this is scheduled.

There is a small charge to help towards the upkeep and maintenance

How to book the club boats

Before you book a boat, please see more details about use of the boats further down this page.

Laser, Topper, RS200, Mirror and Kayak – book on-line by following this link to your own Membership homepage in membermojo.

Wayfarer, Dragonfly and Cadet – see booking details and more information about the boats below.

For casual sailing:


We have two Wayfarers used mainly for training purposes, which are available for members to use at other times when the club is open.

For more details read Using the Club Wayfarers

We also have two Hartley 15s, which we hope will be the ideal training boat. It is lighter than a wayfarer, with stripey sails, a higher boom, and an asymmetric. Because rigging it is very different from standard boats, you will need to be shown how to do it before you are let loose.

Contact Oriel O’Loughlin at or text 07932 405541.

Charge £10 per day (no charge during social sailing sessions)


We own one Mirror dinghy. It is suitable for family sailing as well as racing although currently there is no spinnaker. For more details read Using the Club Mirror.

To book or to notify of any issues contact Darrell Atkinson on 07966 237812 or email

For racing, training and trying!


The Dragonflies have a class boat, No 45 “Nippy and Tippy”. This boat is available for
anyone in the club to use. The only request is the boat is treated with respect and left as it was found.

Contact Richard Smithson for bookings M: 07879 205264 E:

Charge : £10 per sail.


The Club has two competitive, relatively new and well equipped Lasers with a choice of 4.7, Radial and Standard rigs.

Hirers must be competent sailors, in control of the boat given the conditions of the day. If there is no rescue boat coverage on that day, you MUST be accompanied by another boat.

We welcome friends and family of members who want a taste of sailing at Waldringfield. They must be personally vouched for by a member and signed in to the visitor’s book. Limited to 3 times a year.

Laser information for users

For more information please contact Toby – / 07801 494822.


Rental is booked on-line – see top of the page. Daytime (up to 5pm) £10.  Wednesdays evenings (after 5pm) £5. 


We now have a new club RS200, number 837 “Cheeky Monkey”  in top condition. A great way to try racing in one of our faster dinghy classes.

For more information please contact Andrew Nunn 


Did you know Waldringfield Cadet Squadron now owns FOUR Club Cadets?

These are “White Lightening”, “Space Cadet”, “Will Power” and “Crisis”.  

The boats can be hired by members by the day for racing or training, or for a whole Racing or Training series or Cadet Week.  

There is a nominal charge of £10 per day for use of a Cadet, which contributes towards the upkeep of the boats (£50 for a race series).  If the boats are damaged and repairs are necessary, the hirer also agrees to pay the insurance excess of £50.

If anyone would like to book a Cadet, please contact the Juliet Redding by text on 07900 816925 or by email at:


WSC has two racing specified Toppers which are kept in the beach dinghy park and available to club members for club training or club racing. 

Please report any problems to Bill Walker on 07887 564352 or email


WSC members only – buoyancy aids MUST be worn.

We have two kayaks available to rent which are kept on a rack in the cliff top dinghy park at the top of the steps.

Instructions for access to the paddles will be sent to you in a confirmatory email once you have made the booking.

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