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Crows Nest Webcam

We have a webcam installed in the Crow’s Nest. This provides a good view of the river. Members (only) might use this for (e.g.)

  • Checking a moored boat
  • Watching the Wednesday starts and racing
  • Checking the weather
  • etc.

How to access the Webcam

The webcam can be used from any tablet or smartphone with an internet connection. It is accessed using the “Amcrest Cloud” App. The username is “wscmember” – please email the secretary for the password –

Setting up (first time only)

  1. Download and install the “Amcrest Cloud” App from either Google Play Store or the Apple Store as appropriate.
  2. When installed, tap on the App icon.
  3. Tap “Sign In” (first time only) – use the username “wscmember”

Using the Amcrest Cloud App

  1. Tap on the “Crows Nest” rectangle.
  2. To watch live footage, tap the button marked “LIVE” on the bottom right. You should start to see a live video feed from the webcam.
  3. Tap in the black areas to left or right of the screen, this will bring up arrow icons that allow you to pan or tilt the actual camera.
  4. Place two fingers on the screen and spread them apart to zoom-in (or squeeze together to zoom-out). Swiping allows you to pan around a zoomed image (it does not move the camera).
  5. The grey area at the bottom of the screen shows a timeline. The camera is setup to automatically store a short clip if it detects any motion in the center of the frame (this is not super reliable). Any stored clips will show up as a red vertical line on the timeline. Tap on these to view.
  6. The menu allows you to download video clips.
  7. Please do not change any camera settings.
  8. When you have finished, please re-center the camera, ready for the next person.
  9. The camera automatically re-centers itself at approx 38 mins past the hour.
  10. The camera does not work at night.