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The Squib is the RYA National Keelboat, it is 5.8 m long with a GRP moulded hull and weighs 680Kg. It is sailed by two people who can be of a wide range of weight, size, age and experience. The Squib is a strict one design making racing fair and open. Squibs can also be used for casual family day sailing given their stability and space.

Squibs have a purpose built road trailer so they can be towed with a medium sized car without difficulty. Squibs provide an enjoyable dinghy-like sailing experience, you are protected by a cockpit and fin keel so in strong winds you will not capsize. Waldringfield is a delightful location offering ever changing tidal river and estuary sailing ideally suited to Squibs.

The Squib was designed by Oliver Lee in 1968 at Burnham on Crouch and was subsequently adopted as a racing class by WSC in 1970. Over 900 Squibs have been built and are actively raced at local, regional and national levels.

Squibs have a strong national owners association (NSOA) that ensures the ‘strict one design’ principle is maintained and have a useful central website for all things Squib. (

Squibs always have mace sails which is a defining feature of the class when racing in a mixed fleet.

A new builder (Rondar Raceboats) has been approved by the RYA and has started building new boats. Extensive testing has taken place to make sure the new boats will offer contemporary interior design and buoyancy but identical external hull shape and performance.

We have a fleet of around 15 Squibs with a good mix of sailing experience and boats. Whatever your sailing experience or background you will find a friendly welcoming atmosphere and good club racing here at Waldringfield.


Squibs can be found for under £1000 which are basically serviceable but would require restoration work and be most suited to cruising. Increase the budget to £3000 and sound boats can be found that could become competitive with further work. Recently produced boats are competitive and well made, however the budget needs to increase to £7000+ to acquire one. New Rondar Squibs with a purpose built trailer are priced around £21K. Squibs for sale are advertised on the NSOA website, well maintained Squibs traditionally hold their value.

The WSC Squib fleet has its own professionally maintained downriver moorings that cost £220 pa. Squibs require a tender to access the moorings that may be kept on the beach and an outboard motor can be stored at WSC.


Owning a Squib as a member of Waldringfield SC gives you not only wonderful local sailing here on the River Deben but also the opportunity to race against other Squibs at club regattas in the region.

There is an annual National Championship that rotates around the UK and Ireland for those who are very keen and a very accessible National Inland championship held at Rutland Water every year.


A glimpse of 50 years of Squibbing at Waldringfield may be seen by following this link

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Please feel free to contact the Class Captain Barry Searle if you would like further information or go for a sail in a Squib. ()